• santa fe

    Summer Dispatches

    Some noteworthy campus events from the summer of 2014. Check back for updates.

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  • food

    What About the Food?

    No matter where you go to college, students always seem to be complaining about food. But is food really a problem at St. John’s?

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  • program books

    Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: The New Senior Seminar Reading List

    Out with Goethe, in with Wittgenstein—the first year of several changes to the senior reading list is coming to a close.

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  • N. Scott Momaday

    A Conversation with N. Scott Momaday

    For the past few months, a new face has appeared on campus every Wednesday for an unprecedented study group—a study group led by neither a tutor nor a student of the College. That new face is none other than the Pulitzer Prize winning writer, N. Scott Momaday, our college’s new Artist-in-Residence.

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  • fabricdistrictcolor

    Tips for Traveling the World

    Last year, I volunteered through WWOOF in Norway and did some traveling. Even though my agenda was mostly based on research I had done on the places I was visiting, estimated costs, and weather, I was not as prepared as I could have been.

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